always be honest, except for when you lie

Monday, October 11, 2004


dictionary dot com defines annoyance as:
a cause of irritation or vexation; a nuisance

i define annoyance as:
Madison clamping her teeth down on my nipple so many times a day and night.
Parker barking at nothing loudly so many times a day (but not night).
George Dubya Bush.
Dan requiring a lay down if his big toe hurts same as if her were bleeding from the eye due to ebola.
Being fat still from having babies.

but as i think about it i know that annoyance is a weakness. indulging in one's annoyance. having a hissy fit out of annoyance, being grouchy because one has been annoyed. or maybe it isn't. i am undecided but clearly feel bad because i have been annoyed today and had a hissy fit/been a grouch because of it.

so: i can either stop breastfeeding Madison or not, keep telling the dog to shut the fuck up or not, speak at length about what i think of the current political landscape in the US (there's no or not there), do some laying down of my own next time i stub my toe and finally...exercise and shut the hell up about being fat from having babies.

i'm trying to figure out what i would feel if i didn't feel annoyed and the answer is a blank. deep cleansing breath...anything?...no. still no clue. ah damn...it's acceptance, isn't it? ahhhhh, piss. acceptance of things i am annoyed by is so annoying.