always be honest, except for when you lie

Thursday, October 14, 2004

blame the planet

maybe i am the way i am because of global warming. it's october and just the other day we were hot and had to have the air on at night. today it is raining and tomorrow it will snow and maybe next week we'll break out the sprinkler and let thie kids have a run through. is it any wonder i am constantly discombobulated? never mind the sleep deprivation, crappy diet, lack of exercise and drinking only enough water to stay alive at the most basic level. but i mean if i knew fairly predictably whether i was waking up to a jacket and pants day or a bikini and sun screen day the rest of it might fall more nicely into place.

don't misunderstand me - this is beautiful. the rainy street outside my window, the peaceful pitter patter on the roof and windows. lovely. but it's october, right, and october is not the rainy season. october is, just by way of reminder in case any one at the Board of Nature is reading, leaves falling and little kids buying halloween costumes. mostly you have to at least start out with a jacket in october even if by the end of the day you're lugging it around feeling hot and bothered. by the time the kids are wearing their halloween costumes and begging for free candy from people they don't know you can expect jackets are required and snow is either already there or on it's way.

this has been the worste summer in history (see how i am not even thinking of summer having ended...i am so confused!) and now a long long winter is about to begin. they say there will be a lot of snow and it's going to be really cold. hellfire, sign me up.