always be honest, except for when you lie

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

grouchy girl has another birthday

no singing please.

i can date the origin of my birthday misery to one of two times in my life: my something like 1oth birthday when everyone forgot or my 25th which was a month after my mom died. what i really think is that one on top of the other = birthdays suck. for the last eleven years i have been an unpleasant...let's just say it...bitch on or near my birthday.

today i am 36 years old.

Children and Husband just came in here to bring me gifts, the greatest of them being their excitement. Girl Child giggled her baby giggles and Boy Child declared Mommy it's your Birthday! when asked how old i am he said TWO! and held up two fingers which sealed the deal. it's remarkable how these people can both cause a grouchy fit and erase one entirely. today they have their erasers out and all is right in grouchy girl's world.

two happy children cancel out a forgotten birthday and ease the loss of one's own mommy.

everyone willl wonder so i will tell: 3 books (shopaholic ties the knot, shopaholic and sister, the devil wears prada - shut up, it's ok to read fun books) and a lovely sweater that returns to me my friend of old: the color pink. do not think PINK but more p i n k with some pretty browns and greens cozied up with it. really, it's nice. it only sounds like barf but it isn't barf.

as i eat my eggs in bed, sip my hot chocolate with miss katie couric grinning at me from across the room, surrounded by the fallout of gifts brought by one's children i can say this: i am not grouchy. i am renamed happy contented girl (has another birthday).

send gifts.