always be honest, except for when you lie

Saturday, November 20, 2004

ack, medusa!

Ok, I'm not really surprised. The Medusa I refer to is me and I knew she was there. Wild about the hair area and not really so darned gorgeous anywhere else. Not an easy thing to admit for all the Internet to see but there you have it. I could conceivably come here and claim to be anyone, anything. I could say I'm Heidi Friggin' Klum if I wanted to but I wouldn't want to be Heidi Friggin' Klum so why would I do that? I'm Me and Me is plenty good enough. Who the hell are you to judge! You think you know me! You don't know me!

Wait. Sorry. I'm sorry about that. I'm sure you didn't say anything to warrant such an attack. I take it back. Stay.

I'm all about the Honest (except for when I'm Not) and I'll be honest with you. Right now this very second as I type this (but not necessarily as you read it because you know, I move on) I am wearing jammies, have not brushed my teeth and (ahem, hem) my hair is not, shall we say, presentable. I'm just chillin' here with my family and they love me exactly the way I am. Mainly because they have no choice. Really, The Children have never seen me any other way. They are the cause of this downfall of my appearance and they work hard, every day, at maintaining a level of neediness that precludes Mommy's Self Care Routine of years and years back.

Husband jumped back three feet on seeing my Medusa a few minutes ago. It is in particularly fine form. He says it's alright though. He's got Bert hair, he says. I'd like to say I'm Ernie to his Bert but that would be sugar coating the reality of my up-do.

Have you seen that woman at the grocery store who is clearly not pulled together but has faked it by wearing more designery sweats and a trendy jacket? Well picture her also trying to act as though she did wash her hair this morning and it only looks like this because her stylist is booked for weeks. She goes to that kind of stylist. The so popular kind who can't take her even though she looks like THIS.

I'm not worried about it really, my current state of disrepair. I think it's normal for the mom of two young kids to look a little less than runway ready. That every other mom I see on the street looks way better than me is often attributed to the fact that she is obviously much younger. If i'd had my kids when I was 18 I'd be back to a size 3 and shiny hair by now too.

For now the bookstore manager can go blow if he thinks I came out last night to impress the likes of him. I was there for my Harper's Magazine and a copy of The Pocket Stylist. Which I quickly mentioed was a gift and it could be returned if my giftee did not like it, yes?