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Friday, November 12, 2004

i'll be in bedding if you need me

Up until two and a half years ago I had a queen size water bed. It was great as far as comfort and keeping me toasty cozy in the winter. Thing was I could never find sheets for it. Water beds became passe soon after I got it and retailers stopped carrying linens to fit their irregular size. My mom made me sheets once and when those wore out I started sleeping on blankets that I tucked under the bladder. I spent all of those years admittedly sleeping like a baby but I longed for the kind of bed you see in Metropolitan Home.

Shopping for the New Bed, the King Size Bed offered a ray of hope. Letting go of the bed I'd loved for so many years, all of my adult life thus far, was hard but the time had come for me to move on. At some point we all need to ditch the shelves on cinder blocks for something a little more stylish, a little more grown up. I mean, what if I was still using milk crates to store my stuff. The blue plastic milk crates my roommate and I stole after coming out of the movie theatre one night. We ran so fast, down the escalator, into her Audi. Oh we laughed.

All those years with makeshift sheets gave me plenty of time to develop a passion for something better and when we finally got the King Size bed upstairs (took out half a wall and twisted the mattress so bad it should have ruined every coil in there) I could not rest until I spent every penny in the bank on bedding no one would ever be permitted to sleep on. I call it my Formal Bedding. It goes on in the morning, comes off before bed. It's one of those deals where there are so many pillows they take up half the bed. I spent more on that bed than most people spend on bedding in a lifetime. And I doubt I'm done yet. I need to have a winter set and a summer set. Naturally I'll have to change the art in the room according to the season as well. First I'll have to get art but when I do I'll be happy to change it seasonally.

You might be thinking I'm a fool. That the money could be better spent on a big screen TV or a lot of video games or new sheets for everyone on the street. I say calm down. I didn't spend that much. I spent a lot but we'r not going bankrupt over it. I'll tell you this, if I had gobs and gobs of money I'd buy really expensive bedding and change it often. I really would. An hour in the bedding department makes my heart race. I get weepy when I think of all the designs out there that I've never even seen. Gosh, just think. And while I'm at it I think I'll fantasize about all the china patterns out there too. Dreamy sigh.