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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

welcome to a portal, a portal to a wonderful land

This website was moved here a while back but because of blogger being so stupid with their comment function a lot of you are ending up here after reading whatever brilliant comment I've left wherever. Google/Blogger, poorly done, that function. Still, this is now a portal! It carries you elsewhere. Please select from one of my two websites (or, how about, both!): honestyrain and interskew.

honestyrain: reluctant mommyblogging and general commentary from a Canadian writer who has been called both funny and damned well hysterical. Not in a crazy person way. More in the funny way. So, alright, that was redundant.

What people are saying about honestyrain:

Once wrote a ltter to snot. What's not funny about that?


Really Funny!

Hysterically Funny!

Remember the Undergarment Obsession? Why doesn't she do that bit again?

or, how about checking out interskew: Imaginary Interviews with A List celebrities (as well as some not so A list, even if they think they are).

What actual people are saying about interskew:

yay! interskew! more more more!

I love your new site! Looking forward to more, as always!

yay! fabricated interview! Do more!

What a fabulous idea! I’ll send you some people. I LOVE these interviews. Are you taking requests?

This is brilliant!

So come check me out either here or there, please come check me out anywhere.

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