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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

ya sure, buy no junk food, brilliant

For the past 7 years or so I have been in the habit of not buying junky food to keep in the house. With the exception of early pregnancy and or early breasfeeding. But then it's not junk so much as Food Requested By Baby and no one with a shred of decency denies a BABY what they want.

I am not currently pregnant or breasfeeding.

Now you know.

Which means that I buy very very little in the way of not only traditional junk food but also any and all processed foods like pizza pops or other frozen food type items. I say food type because I do not consider them food.

Not buying this stuff is brilliant. A very good plan. Especially with kids in the house.

Only problem is this:


And sometimes, every once in a while, all you want is something fake and tastey to eat. To shove down your gullet without a thought to nutritional value or the item's ability to give you cancer or somesuch other nastiness. Sometimes an apple just doesn't answer the call. It is at this time when I am both Happy and Sad that I do not buy junk food. Happy because it's not here, I'm not eating it. Sad because it's not here, I'm not eating it.

Life is a spectrum and, it turns out, both ends are the same.