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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

dear american government, please improve your economy

My husband is a freelance artist who works for companies in Los Angeles, New York and Paris. He gets paid in both US dollars and Euros. Was a time when this system worked out very well for us. Very very well indeed.

We used to get $1.60 Canadian for every American dollar he got paid.

You can do the math there. That's a nice bonus for living in the greatest country in the world.

(Calm down. Everyone thinks their country is the bestest country in the world.)

Since Mr. Bush came into (and I use this next term loosely) power the American dollar has been in a steady and certain downward spiral. The last time I took a cheque in to be cashed we got $1.17 Canadian for each American dollar. Big difference, yes?

Now I admit to having been hopeful back at election time that Mr. Bush would go the way of his dad before him. Not only because it would benefit my pocketbook, mind you. I, along with the Blue States, have been learning to accept that he's still here and will be for some time. I just can't help thinking that an improved US economy would benefit not only ME but also the General US Population. No?

Therefore I humbly request that the US Government put forward some sort of action to improve the overall economy and more specifically the strength of the American Dollar. I'd be forever grateful. If you don't mind. I mean, you know, if you're not too busy.

Thanks! Awesome. Knew I could count on you. Now let's get back to that $1.60 on the dollar, ok? Gosh that'd be great. It'd make taking several vacations a year far easier. Not to mention the bags and bags diapers I have to buy and the dog food and the internet web hosting and the three thousand bananas, fifty apples and twelve bushels of grapes my kids consume daily....

Life is expensive you know.