always be honest, except for when you lie

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

i will not lose my patience, i will not lose my patience, i will not lose my patience

My children are going through a slightly annoying phase right now. I know, what kid isn't. I'm talking about an exaggerated state of being annoying. This is Big Annoying. Regular Annoying would be a treat compared to this.

Which means Less Than Perfect Mommy has been around. You know the one I mean. She shouts. She says things that she doesn't mean to say like

I am going to run away from home and then you'll see!

Oh Boy. Mommy shouldn't say stuff like that. And the other things she says like - oh I can't even tell you. Well, like

Leave me alone before I curl up in a ball and cry like an infant.

You know.

It's rough for mommy at times like this because although mommy is certainly a very good sort of mommy she is only human. Yes, mommies are human. You didn't know? Neither did my kids. Oh well. You learn something new.

Mommy promises she is going to try harder and harder to be less Human and more Super Human and she will not lose her patience today. Well, she probably will but she means not to and she will say she is sorry when she makes a mistake and that's a good lesson for babies too, right?

Deep Breath Mommy. You can do it.

Deep Breath.