always be honest, except for when you lie

Sunday, December 26, 2004

the ipod has landed, i repeat, the ipod has landed

Oh that Santa. He was just being a big silly. He knew, he must have known, that my dearest love, my husband, was planning to get me an ipod all along.

And he did.

And it is loverly.

It's the 40G ipod photo. It has a color screen and I can store photos on it. I can also take it over to someone else's house and do a slide show on their tv. Isn't that cool? Technology. Remember those crap photo albums with the sticky back paper? We've come a damn long way baby. There ain't nothin' sticky about my ipod.

I haven't used it yet. It takes a while to charge and we had to go out all day yesterday. It's sitting here, naked, waiting for the love. Where is the love. Gimme some love.

Oh, the love is coming, don't you worry about that.

We did have a small scuffle, my ipod and I. Nothing serious. Just a little conversation, got a bit heated.

My ipod told me, when we first met: Don't Steal Music. With a sticker on it's face.

I thought, who the hell are you to tell me anyway.

We made up though. Everything is ok. It was a rocky beginning but we weathered the storm and vow to be lifelong friends.

(until the next wave of technology but don't tell her that)

I'd love to stay and chat but you know, I have a life and an ipod so I gotta go. Plus, a toy store barfed in my living room and I gotta mop up the mess.