always be honest, except for when you lie

Monday, December 27, 2004

warning: leaving the house may result in increased workload upon return

I went to the gym at 830 this morning. The house was in a state of general but not serious chaos. Manageable. Small amount of work to return matters to their rightful state.

Gone two hours, how much could have changed.


In the span of two hours not only was nothing done to advance our level of tidiness but every attempt was made to dig us deeper into a mess to rival any other mess ever.

Oh Woe Is Mommy.

Good thing I went to the gym (yes with my new ipod photo) and so have built up a store of energy that should get me one third the way through the mountain of stuff I had to climb over to get in the door. Of course, if I'd never gone to the gym to begin with my children, lovely little buggers, would have been better supervised and the disaster they created would never have come to pass.

Not that I am in any way suggesting that daddy did a poor job. Heaven's no! I would never say that. Gosh, what kind of a woman do you take me for. There is nothing wrong with spending mommy's entire absense trying to get Commandos 3 going on the Dell. Nothing at all and anyone who says different is gonna have to answer to me.


I guess I better get to it because that post gym high is beginning to drift away and I'll end up laying on the floor, happy to have two small children climbing all over me with their shoes and or boots on because holy crap it feels good to lay down.

Another sigh.