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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

the south asia tsunami disaster

I confess that although I have been kept up to date on what's happening through my husband I have watched very little coverage myself. Without seeing any of the horror first hand I have been able to maintain a sense of detachment. As though I was hearing about a bad snow storm, a couple people died. Bad, but not this bad.

Tonight I gave in and watched Primetime's special on the Tsunami.

My heart, gosh, my heart is broken. Not only is this a tragic event but it is an event that will not end for so many for so long. The magnitude of suffering is so great that it is almost impossible to get my mind around it. So many stories of loss, terror, sadness.

The stories of the children make me turn the TV off. I cannot bear it from the safety of my living room. My heart nearly explodes at the the thought of those who are being forced to live it.

I'm sorry for everyone who has been affected by this disaster. I am just so deeply sorry.

I don't know what to do.