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Monday, January 10, 2005

a new site of the week!

Gosh, the excitement is palpable, no? A new site of the week. Wow. This week I am happy to report that Tommy over at Almost Average is my Site of the Week. I interviewed Tommy for this occassion. Please enjoy.

ME: Tommy, how do you feel about being chosen as Site of the Week over at honestyrain?
TOMMY: I'm thrilled beyond comprehension. I was up all night with the excitement.

ME: Are you prepared for the traffic that is likely to head your way as a result of being spotlighted on honestyrain?
TOMMY: I don't think anyone can really prepare themselves for such an influx of visitors but I think I'm ready.

ME: When did you learn that you were selected for this honor?
TOMMY: Just now, actually.

ME: What made you start a blog of your own?
TOMMY: I heard it was a great way to make money. Fast.

ME: Yeah? And how's that going? Made much so far?
TOMMY: Sure, lots. We were able to buy a new car with the revenue. Actually, I'm lying. Not a penny so far. Turns out blogging isn't really much of a cash cow after all.

ME: Duh.

Alright everyone, please go and visit Tommy and enjoy his funny blog!

editorial note: Tommy was unavailable for the interview process. The answers listed above were, in fact, not given by him. If he doesn't like those answers tuff nuts. He should have shown up for the interview. Really, sheesh.