always be honest, except for when you lie

Thursday, January 06, 2005

i have a camera, i can take pictures, i can do a photo of the day

Oh I can, you just watch me. Just watch. You'll see. You'll see and you'll be amazed. Amazement to take place.

Some day.

I mean, not right this second. Some time in the not too distant future you can expect to see a photo of the day herein.

It'll be oh so very exciting.

I can tell you're thrilled. Stop rolling your eyes. It just may be thrilling. You don't know. Maybe there are things in my daily life that would amaze and astound you should you be allowed a glimpse. You would be surprised by the things I see every day.

No, No, you wouldn't. That's a load of promotional malarky. I'm sorry for that.

Still! I will begin a photo of the day some day very soon.

Commit to a day, you say? A day to start? Oh. Well. I'm not very good at committment. It makes me anxious, to be honest. I really just thought I'd wing it, see what happens.

But if you insist, and I see that you do, I will choose Next Monday as the onset of Honestyrain's Photo of the Day.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to figure out how to add photos to my blog. If anyone knows please do share with my. I'm under some pressure here, what with agreeing to do this bloody thing. I'm already sick about it. I feel like I've got to study for a math exam, know that I won't study and will fail. Badly.

Photo Of The Day Coming Monday!