always be honest, except for when you lie

Thursday, January 13, 2005

oh don't you dare doubt it

Some people would have you think that a woman, say in her mid thirties, who has had two children and is perhaps not in the best shape of her life cannot over hope to have a midsection like this:

I'm here to say, with loud voice and fist in the air, that I will prove such naysayers wrong. It may take a while, it may not happen right away. But hear this. I will, as blogland is my witness, have a flat stomach and abdominal muscles you can see from space.


You ever been to space? It's pretty far away and for you to be able to see my ab muscles from there they'd have to be really really obvious.

Now if you will kindly move over, step aside, get out of the way I need to lay down and do some crunches.

One, two, three...fifty, fifty one...three thousand and six, three thousand and seven....