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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

in the name of decency

I just sat down - laptop on lap, tv on - only to be assaulted by the threat of another Shocking Rose Ceremony. The Most Socking Rose Ceremony EVER, in fact. Ever. And all I could think was Make It Stop. Please. Someone.

Look, I like tv. I watch tv nearly every day of my life. Oh who am I trying to kid. There is not a day that goes by without some tv flowing happily into my soft welcoming brain. But even I, oh great lover of the medium, have my limits and all things Bachelor and/or Bachelorette are where my tv tolerance door slams shut. I cannot even tolerate the commercials. I feel it all sapping me of what little intellect I have left.

Come on, who the hell is this jackass that all of these women are fighting over. They are fighting over him. This Guy. Fighting over this one guy. Praying that he will give them a rose during Most Shocking Rose Ceremony after Most Shocking Rose Ceremony. Ever.

I know all this without watching the show because of the commercial assault I've already mentioned but also because even bloody Oprah Freakin' Winfrey is on board with this malarky. God in Heaven the world has gone mad. Right bloody mad.

I know the world is full of bigger fish to fry than silly shows about silly people begging to be the chosen one. I know that in just a few short days the American people are going to decide not only their own fate but also the impact of their fate on the global community. That's far more serious than The Most Shocking Rose Ceremony Ever (Again). But I'm going to start small and ask that we all turn our tv's off come Bachelor night whereby possibly saving some brain cells for the bigger issues of the day.

In the name of decency, people, turn that shite off.