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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

a canadian perspective

I'm getting into the game a little late here because the kids wouldn't go to bed. Better late than never though. Damn. All the maps are looking awfully red and that just can't be good. But George Stephanopolous (if I spelled that right I would like some kind of reward) says there's still lots of ways Kerry can get the 270 he needs and I like the look of old George S so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Right now Dubya has 195 to Kerry's 112. Is that good for Kerry? I don't see how but then again, I find the entire system in the US confusing and not a little absurd. How can someone become president when he (or someday she) has not won the majority of the popular votes in the land? Can anyone tell me why that makes sense?

Speaking of women, why is it that the US has never elected a woman president. More than that, why does it appear to be something that is not likely to happen anytime soon? And does anyone else think that the first female president will be Hillary Clinton?

A conversation between me, my son and the televison:

Son: That's George Bush, Mommy. He's a BAD MAN.

Me: Yes, Son, he is.

Son: I not like that man, him bad.

TV: blah blah blah if George Bush were to win blah blah blah

Son: George Bush going to win, Mommy.

Me: No, Son, George Bush is NOT going to win.

Son: Yeah, that other man gonna hafta work very hard to BEAT him (gives an air uppercut to drive the point home)

The boy knows politics.

I have two thoughts on GWB appearing on camera tonight. Well, three thoughts. One, I don't think candidates are allowed to campagin on election day in Canada and find it very strange that any campagining or appearances took place today. Two, how desperate and pathetic. And three, how smug.

Current tally sits at Bush 207 and Kerry 199. There is hope yet and I am immensely relieved.

Pennsylvania has gone to Kerry which I gather from Tom Brokaw is great news for Kerry. I love Pennsylvania! Thank you Pensylvania. I'm so glad I don't live in Pennsylvania because typing out Pennsylvania is torture.

What ever happened to marking an X on your ballet? Am I naive to suggest that there were far fewer controversies back in the day? Last time I voted I marked an X. We're backwater up here In Canada I guess. We don't vote with machines. I just heard Tom Brokaw saying that somewhere they had to have some people come and fix the machines because people couldn't vote. Brilliant. The biggest problem you face with marking an X is needing to ask the woman at the front to sharpen some pencils....

Arrested Development is a funny, smart show. Ray Liotta is guesting on ER this week. Amazing Race is starting again soon. What time do you think this election stuff is going to end...I'm getting sleepy already.

Ah feck, Bush 219 and Kerry 199. My husband has gone off to play video games because he has the patience to wait until it's all over and done with. For some reason I need to experience the torture. The guy being interviewed right now on North Dakota news says this could go a lot longer because everyone is being careful about saying who has what votes. I bloody guess so. The last election was an utter embarrassment. I think someone should have called do-over.

I'm going to be finding out who won with Katie Couric, arent I? Seems such a shame to have invested so much of my evening for nothing more than a little anxiety at seeing a RED map early on. Ooooohhhhh there's Anderson Cooper on CNN. HE's enough to keep me up a few more minutes. Remember when he hosted The Mole? So funny. Did you know he's Gloria Vanderbilt's son? I learned that from Pink Lemonade Diva. Thanks Pink.

Bush 197 Kerry 188. Um, Kerry had 199 five minutes ago. Who stole 11 Kerry votes? Who? That's not fair and I promise you there will be an investigation! This is like the longest reality show ever. It's like watching the OScars but tehre isn;t anyone cuing the band to move things along.

I'm going to turn to Canadian news to see what they're saying. They are interviewing a couple of American who live in Canada and one of them is saying that she feels proud to be an American and hasn't felt this way for a long time. She is proud of how many people have shown up to vote and feels really excited about the democratic process tonight. She thinks Kerry will win. The other woman she's with says she doesn't really understand the process but she feels that the US is ready for change and Kerry will win. Earlier CBC Newsworld had some little comedy bits about the US election that were really funny. I wish Americans could see how the rest of the world views Bush. It might give them pause. He is seen as something of an evil moron for the most part. A dumb guy with a lot of power. Frightening.

Well, Husband has just come to say we should go to bed and I tend to agree. He's just letting the doggie out for a last pee and then we will drag ourselves up to bed. But will I sleep for needing to know what happens! I bet anything I will check the net in the middle of the night when I get up to pee. My Little Guy is sleeping here on the couch next to me and has no trouble ignoring the issues of the day in the name of open-mouthed deep sleep slumber. Oh how I envy him! I'll give one last Go Kerry and hope for the best as I toddle off to bed. Hopefully I will wake to a brighter world in the morning.

Back to Bush 210 and Kerry 199. He can still win, right???