always be honest, except for when you lie

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

be careful what you wish for (unless you're wishing for chocolate then by all means move ahead with reckless abandon)

My kids, three and one, don't love mommy anymore.


Ok, that's not true but mommy is sad. After three and a half years of sleeplessness both of my kids are sleeping through the night. In their own bed. By themselves. Without mommy.

I never meant for this to happen.

Sure, in the past three plus years of cosleeping with the kids there have been times that I or Husband have thought it would be nice to spread out in our King Size bed without little arms and legs and whatnot getting in the way. Yeah, it'd be nice to snuggle up to the one what made the babies with me in the first place. Hell, a full night's sleep has been the dream for oh so long.

I'm just not sure I wished for this, precisely. For them to sleep in their own beds all of the time. I mean, can't they come to my bed some of the time? Can't they, let's say, sleep half of the night in their beds and half in mine? I love their warm bodies snuggled up close and cozy. They belong next to mommy.

They don't appear to think so, mind you.

I think perhaps they both felt, although they haven't said, that things were a little too crowded. I concur yet I think we could have come up with a solution. I mean, Daddy could have gone to the couch...or the basement floor...or the garage.

No, I'm kidding. Calm down. I didn't mean that.

I just miss my babies being next to me at night. I really do. In his heart I know their Daddy does too. Maybe it's just a phase and they'll be back. Could be. They'll probably be snuggled up tight come summer. Perfect timing. It's hot as heck here in summer. Won't that be cozy. Yay. Awesome. Maybe not.