always be honest, except for when you lie

Saturday, December 18, 2004

you're reading me!

are you? that is so awesome! you must be very very smart. otherwise, you'd have scrolled along, skipped me altogether. horrah for you! you know what you could do? you could leave a comment, say hi, leave your mark. i think that's a really great idea. that way i can come see your site too. don't you want me to come visit you? i'd like to. but i can't if i have no idea who you are. if you're just a blur who ran past. it doesn't take that long to say hi. so say hi. and if you're really stuck for something to do you could go read some other stuff on my site. you could. i won't mind. take a look around, grab some snacks, whatever. i'm not begging. you know, just do whatever you want. really, it's your dime.