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Saturday, December 04, 2004

theatre recommendation

For those who will be visiting London (England, not Ontario) in the next while I would like to recommend the following Theatrical Experience. Jerry Springer - The Opera is currently playing at London's Cambridge Theatre. Tickets have been reduced to Twenty Five Pounds (that's like dollars only POUNDS) (some restrictions apply) which is a steal given that none other than Mr. David Soul of Starsky and Hutch fame appears as the Man Himself, Jerry Springer!

Special group rates also available.

The Daily Mirror Reports "I have no hesitation in declaring Jerry Springer - The Opera the greatest production on earth."

If you're taking The Tube you'll want to get off at Covent Garden and walk the remaining distance to The Theatre at Earlham Street.

This is certain to be an event you'll not soon forget. Get your tickets today! Jerry Springer is a Well Loved American Icon who has been beautifully captured in this epic theatrical display.

And if you do go, report back, let us know what you thought, and then never (I repeat never) come here again because good god in heaven what kind of an idiot would attend such a show? I may be entirely misled (what are the odds) but this seems to me a silly way to be entertained.

No I've never seen the show.

If I were in England I think my time would be better spent enjoying the rich history and beautiful vistas of that country than it would franterizing with the sort of person who would care to see a desperate American actor portray a demented American talk show host. Seems a bit odd to me, the lot of it.