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Sunday, December 12, 2004

why we had to sell our house and live in a van down by the river

My kids, three and one, like to eat. They eat, I'm not kidding, constantly. All day long. Especially the little one. The first five hours of every day are spent feeding this child. She sits down to eat breakfast with us. Has her own bowl of cereal, eats the whole thing up. Yum. You'd think, ok, she's gotta be good for what? the next hour, maybe two? No. Ten minutes, if that. Then she wants an orange. Hey, is that a cinnamon bun? I'll take one of those, some milk and a banana if you have any. And when I'm done, I'd like to open the fridge and see what I missed last time I looked. Ah, there, see. Yogurt. I'll take a yogurt now, another in an hour and three more before bed. Thanks.

Before we had kids the grocery bill for this household, then comprised of two adults and one barky dog, was, I swear, less than three hundred dollars a month. Now we're pushing seven to eight hundred and you know that's not all diapers. How can two people, so small in stature and unable to cook, require so much food.

I know, they're growing. I know, I'm lucky they eat. Some kids are so picky they don't eat. Ha! This is a problem I can't even fathom. My children embrace eating. And they like healthy food. Granted, they aren't given the option of unhealthy food very often but still.

Don't mistake me. I am glad they eat. I only mean to remark at how well they eat. At how much they eat. If it's this way now what will I do once they are bigger?

Don't teenage boys tend to eat more than they did when they were three?

So he'll have to get a job. To support this habit he has of eating. The girl too if she keeps up with the pace she's set for herself thus far. Because dang, me and their dad hope to travel some day. Hope to save for our retirement. We can't go around spending every dime on food. Yogurt don't come cheap, girly girl. You want more you better start saving up.

Doctors say that grazing is the best way for children to eat. They get what they need and learn to eat the amount that is right for them. I'm all for that. I want healthy kids. But if you'd told me five years ago that a one year old girl could eat this much...this often, really...I would have thought you mad. Mad Mad Mad.

In the time it took me to type this I have given Baby Girl one apple, a cinnamon bun, three carrots, a banana, scrambled eggs, a box of chocolates, fruit snax, a salad, cheese, a cookie (she gave that back, doesn't like cookies), milk, toast with butter and jelly (grape, she prefers grape), a pancake, three pieces of cheese, another cinnamon bun (gave it back, wasn't to her liking), soup, cottage cheese, a mandarine orange and one small pizza.

I'd like to talk more about this but I need to make a grocery run. It's almost lunch and by god there's nothing left. Nothing.