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Friday, January 28, 2005

be nice to a pregnant girl today

Some women have an easy time pregnant. I'm not one of those women. Neither is my friend C and she is currently pregnant, feeling awful and wishing she could feel better.

Growing people inside of one's body is a very special thing to do and no matter if a woman feels ick or fabulous while pregnant she deserves to be held in the highest regard and treated like a princess.

If you are currently living with a pregnant woman take the time to just rub her back, let her lay down, feed her something she craves or, if she cannot eat, promise to not eat anything in front of her that will make her hurl.

If you don't know anyone who is pregnant right now please be nice to any mommies-to-be that you encounter in the world at large. Offer your seat on the subway (she may prefer to stand but it is always better to offer), hold open doors, let them cut in front of you in any line anywhere (especially bathrooms and grocery stores).

Also, pregnant women do not in general like for strangers to touch their bellies. Here's a rule of thumb that can be applied when you're unsure if it's okay to rub the buddha: if you would not have touched this woman's midsection without her consent before she got pregnant you should not do so after she got pregnant.

To my friend C, I'm sorry you feel ick and I won't even say you'll feel better soon (you will) but I will say that you are a lucky duck to have that sweet baby growing in you and that baby is lucky to have you for a mommy.