always be honest, except for when you lie

Thursday, January 27, 2005

do what you like but i can't promise i won't drive over you

People who ride bikes and run on the road in winter are looking for a swift end to life as they know it. I can't see you coming, I can't move over because there is no over to move to. The roads are slippery, the view is blocked by banks of snow at the roadside and if I shove over to make room for your silly ass I am going to drive into oncoming traffic.

I, of all people, am a firm believer that exercise does a body and brain good but I do have a line and that line is drawn at your exercise becoming a danger to me.

I would not let you throw a weight bench at me if we met at the gym. Why on earth should you put me at risk on the road?

Look, it's cold. I admire your I'm-A-Canadian heartiness. I do. You're all that, brother. A better and stronger man than I'll ever be. Congrats. Woohoo. Go climb a mountain, eat the bark off a tree and tent each wintery night in your back yard. Go on, go ahead.

Just leave me out of your madness, will you?

Get off the road, you winter loving freaks.