always be honest, except for when you lie

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

meet me at the mall

You know what I like? I like to shop. Love it. Would shop every day of my life if time and money permitted. I like to look as much as buy. I like shopping, sideays or upside down.

Want to know what's better?

Wanna know?

My man likes to shop too.

You heard me. Man, Shop, Likes.

No he is not secretly gay. He is a man, swings a hammer, puts up shelves, takes out garbage. Well, avoids taking out garbage, really, so you know damned well he's all man.

Manly Man. Likes To Shop.

There is nothing sexier than a man who likes to shop. As long as that man also likes to do man things. Like have sex with women. If he's a gay man who likes to shop that's great too but the Sex With Man Who Likes To Shop thing is severely hampered if the man is gay.

My guy takes me shopping in the day time and loves me up at night.

Oh Ya Baby Oh Ya.

Sometimes we get it in our heads that a house in the country would be nice. A big property for our children to run around in, enjoy the great outdoors. I am always the first to come to my senses. I look around - because, of course, we have these silly thoughts while out on a drive in the country - and ask:

Is there a mall near here?


Conversation over.

I likes to shop.