always be honest, except for when you lie

Saturday, January 22, 2005

see, i told you

I've got this kid. Super Boy. He's three point five years old.

That's three and a half for the mathimatically challenged in the crowd.

He's a great, this kid. We really love him. He's cute (get's that from me), funny (me), has a great laugh (me again), green eyes (you guessed it), awesome outgoing personality (that should be obvious), red hair (that's his dad), eats great (we have no idea), and he's really smart and very talented (from his dad, of course).

Oh, also, he doesn't sleep for shit.

(all me)

He's a morning person.

(yeah, me, but...)

Look, I like to get up early. I wake up with sunshine oozing out of me. I smile when I wake up, happy to start the goddamn day and all that. I think sleeping, in general, is a waste of time and should only be undertook with the express purpose of getting it over and done with so I can wake up again and have some fun.

But for shit sake, 5 am in winter is insane.

Super Boy, heaven help me, gets up at 5 am about 35% of the time. That 35 % nearly kills me, him and everyone within a fifty foot radius of me and my sleep deprived miserable self. In the dead of winter, when the sun doesn't get up until eight. That makes three hours of darkness, sitting there like idiots wishing we were asleep like we should be because getting up that early is stupid.

I don't want any advice on how to fix it. Nevermind that.

I'm here to say woohoo he's back to normal and we're getting up at no earlier than seven. Seven.

You know what that means? Mommy's got her smile back. Mommy is playful again. Mommy feeds the children again*. Mommy is nice and happy and is once again oozing sunshine.

Great Day In The Mornin'!

I can play Pretend Carpet Picnic now without wanting to poke my own eyeballs out. You know why?

SLEEP. That's why.

Sleep Kicks Ass.

*please note. I always feed my kids. I was joking when I suggested that I do not feed them unless I get enough sleep. Not only do I feed them but I feed them well and often. So refrain from sending me emails or leaving comments to reprimand me for not feeding them. Because I do feed them so realx.