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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

hug your letter carrier day

I'd like to take this moment to give a shout out to the man who delivers our mail. He is without a doubt the bestest letter carrier in the world. Perhaps even the universe. He's that good. Here are some examples of his goodness:

He knocks on the door when cheques come. He puts them in the mailbox, knocks and goes on with his route. He recognizes Husband's pay cheques and lets us know when they're there.

If he has a postage due package he drops by on his way up the other side of the street to let us know so that we can find the money while he goes about his route and pay him when he gets to our side of the street.

He didn't report us when the dog got out last summer and chased him down the street.

He recognizes us out of context and says hello as though we are real people and not faceless mailboxes.

He brings the mail to me at the truck if I pull into the driveway when he is coming into our yard.

He washed our windows once and mows our lawn sometimes.

Okay, those last two things aren't true.

He's just a really good guy who puts a lot of positive energy into the world and I like to acknowledge that kind of thing. It's easy to bitch about the stupid people but sometimes it's nice to say hey, here's a good one, look.

Here's to you Letter Carrier Guy. Thanks!