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Sunday, January 02, 2005

in which we wonder if a chocolate chip cookie can have too many chocolate chips

This afternoon, in an exemplary show of All Things Womanly, I prepared a batch of my now famous chocolate chip cookies. You've never had them so you can't possibly know. They are the best chocolate chip cookies in The World. The Universe. Whatever is bigger than The Universe.

They're real good, is what I'm saying.

The recipe I use, it's a secret don't ask, calls for one cup of chocolate chips. One cup. Sissified. That's what that is. One cup is maybe the way the uninitiated would make a chocolate chip cookie but I, well I am so past that. So past following recipes. Or rules of any kind.

Rules are for suckers!

I put one and one half cups of chocolate chips in my batter.

You heard me.

Now if you're one of those people who thinks a few chocolate chips sprinkled in is good enough I say move on, sir. You've got no business here. This is a place meant for the serious chocolate chip cookie eater. There will be no pansy ass cookies offered today. Not a one.

You know what happens when you load a cookie one and one half cup full of chocolatey goodness?

Good Things.

The best cookie anywhere anytime.

I'd give you one if you were here and you would squeal with delight like you have not done since you were a child. Think of it. Imagine. Dream of it tonight in your warm cozy bed.

Ah, chewy cookie goodness.

It is a sad fact that you won't be able to have one. I am sorry for you. I promise to think of you as I consume them. I will think of you as I sigh a yummy sigh and wipe the chocolate from my lips.


In answer to the question as to whether a chocolate chip cookie can have too many chocolate chips I say don't be stupid. Of course not.