always be honest, except for when you lie

Saturday, January 01, 2005

we've decided to become overachievers!

Oh such excitement. Husband and I have decided, after a short discussion earlier today, that it might be nice if we spent a little time working at becoming Overachievers. At first we thought just Achievers would be good enough but hell, why not go the whole mile, yeah? I mean, if we're taking the time anyway.

Thing is, we're not real sure how to go about it. Bit of a stretch for us, if you must know. We're not slugs. Hey, we're not. It's just that. Well. You know.

We're dreadfully average.

God, how embarrassing is that.

Not for long, mind you. No, No. Big plans, we've got. Huge. Massive.

Not really a plan, to be honest. More of an idea. A loosely formed idea. Actually, we've kind of just got the word so far. Overachiever. Don't know what it means, truth be told. You know, the dictionary dot com meaning and all.

Should I look it up? Because maybe we don't really want to be Overachievers. Could be it's not really a good thing after all. Could be one of those silly words that people bandy about not knowing that it really means shit for brains or whatnot. God wouldn't that be awful. Race about telling people you're going to be an Overachiever and it means Shit For Brains. Jesus. We'd look like assholes. Wouldn't we.

I'm gonna look it up. Just to be safe.

To perform better or achieve more success than expected.

Jesus Bloody Christ. What the Sam Crap does that mean. Whose to say what level of success was expected to begin with. Let's say I expected, for the day, to get out of bed and not soil myself or piss on another human being. Let's say I did better than that. Let's say not only didn't I piss on another human being but also refrained frorm pissing on the furniture. Know what that makes me?


What if I plan to go to the gym tomorrow and walk once around the track then sit in the hot tub for fifteen minutes before coming home and having beer for lunch. Instead I walk around the track twice, sit in the hot tub for twenty minutes and come home to have beer and a carrot.


Damn. This Overachiever stuff is a bit lame. I had no idea. Geez. You know what, I think I'm gonna skip it. Doesn't seem worth the fuss really. I've got other stuff I wanna do anyway.

No, I'm not gonna tell you what. Didn't your mother ever teach you it's not nice to pry. I'll tell you when I'm damn good and ready.

Actually, I've got no plans. I was just trying to cover for the Overachiever thing falling through. You know, the big idea and all. Hey we tried. Always gotta be willing to try new things. Now we're on to the next. Another adventure.