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Sunday, January 02, 2005

you're in the right place! this is me!


I am happy to introduce my new look on this the Second Day of January in the year Two Thousand and Five.

Don't you love it!

I'm sure it'll take some getting used to. Humans are creatures of habit. But really, this is so much prettier and lovelier and nicer and you simply must join me in adoring it.

Join me!

Adore it!

All of my addons from the other look will be returning later today. I may even find a new trinket or two. Probably just one though. Don't get your hopes up for two. Oh dear. I've gone and got your hopes up. Geez. Okay okay. I'll try for two but I was reall only thinking of one. Let me think. Let me think.

Do enjoy the new look if you can and if not too bloody bad because it is making me so happy I could pee right here in my 98 cent panties.

But not really. I am not incontinent. Honest.

Hey! The new feature is up! Check out the snazzy poll at the bottom of the sidebar. Scroll down. Little more. There! There! See it? How cool am I! Come on, pretty cool. So after you leave me a glorious comment espousing my greatness here please go answer the poll. It's not a thrilling one because I have been busy busy making changes but wait! Thrilling polls to come! You just wait!

All these exclamation marks are tiring me out.