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Sunday, January 30, 2005

the quest for a little middle: update

A while back I got all fired up about how I was going to get and keep a flat midsection. I declared, right here for everyone to see, that I was bound and determined, once and for finally, to have the kind of tummy every man woman and child longs to have. I vowed that I would not be kept from achieving this goal.

I worked real hard at it for a good solid week.

See, there's a reason that I do not currently have as slim a middle as you might think I ought.

I Hate Abdominal Exercises.

I can go to the gym for four hours, do two hours of strength training, lift three times my body weight in leg press, do an hour and a half long bench class then run for a while before stretching and going home. I love all that. I'm not saying I DO all that. I used to. PK. Pre Kids. The thing you'll never find me doing with whole hearted gusto is a set of crunches.

Hate Them.

So Yeah, I've slacked off. Again. Dammit.

But now I have admitted it and cannot stand the humiliation and will reconvene my devotion in my basement tomorrow morning for a double dose of pilates. You have my word.

A week from now, who knows, but know that I am trying. I really am trying. I want it so bad. Alright, granted, not bad enough, but still. I'll get it figured out. Might need to take a few runs at it but there's time. It's not like the snow is going to melt tomorrow and I'll be forced to show up in my bikini.

Hardly. So relax. Have a cookie and we'll do the pilates at dawn.