always be honest, except for when you lie

Saturday, January 15, 2005

when you're sick as a dog in the street you get to complain all you want

I am that sick. As a dog in the street. Whatever that means. Take it to mean I feel like a lump of lumpiness.

It's just a cold. Don't worry. I'll be okay.

Now I am of the opinion that when a person is sick they are entitled to a certain amount of grumpiness. They should be allowed to rant a little and bemoan the fact that they are sickiepoo.

When I say people I only mean ME. I cannot tolerate any of the above in anyone else when they are ill. If you're sick please keep it to yourself. Buck up and be a man about it. I have no patience for anyone who goes about doing any of the things I feel entirely justified in doing when I am unwell.

I never said life was fair.

Get Over It.

I'm the only one who gets to be pissy when I'm sick and if you don't like it, carry on. There are no gift baskets. Just go.

Only, I'm not realy feeling grumpy. Or in the mood to rant. Actually, I feel all cuddly. I feel happy. Happy to be home with my sungable hugable family in my cozy warm house.

I'm So Lucky!

I know it's hard to believe that a person entitled to a snarky mood sits here before you with a little grin on her face but some days you just know you're very fortunate, snuffly nose or not, and today is such a day for me.

Don't worry though. I never go long before a mood strikes me. You will benefit from my misery before long. I assure you.

I have to go blow my nose.