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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

life rule of the day

Some people do not realize how germs and illness are passed along. I am more than happy to instruct on this matter. The follwing is always true and so can be referred to as a Life Rule.

If your child has snot dripping from their nose, into their mouth, down onto their shirt and wiped constantly onto their hands, sleeves and or any other surface slash body part, they have germs and illness and are putting the universe at risk by being out among the general populace.

Please keep any such child at home, away from my children because THANKS we just don't need a cold right now.

Mothers of Play Group from last friday please take note.

I am not talking about an occassional sniffle or sneeze but a full on overflow of mucus that cannot be avoided no matter how swiftly you dodge this way and that. Especially when children and their germy little hands and noses share toys. Toys that a one year old and her drippy face put into her mouth and then offer to my unknowing sweet child in a gesture of friendship. Green nose glue sticking to said toy, too late, germs transfered, yuck.

Miss Baby Girly Girl is now one such snot nosed child and will be kept a safe distance from all other humans until she is well again. Because I am courteous and not rude and not interested in making everyone the world over sick.

Yes, I know. I am a superior sort of person. It's true.

Keep yer snotty kid away from us, will ya?